Mesoamerica's Classic Heritage: from Teotihuacan to the Aztecs

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University Press of Colorado, Boulder, CO, p.xv, 559 p. (1999)


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Indians of Mexico -- Antiquities.; Teotihuac; án Site (San Juan Teotihuacán; Mexico); Mexico -- Antiquities.; Mesoamerica


Contents: pt. I. The paradigm shifts in Mesoamerican studies. The myth and reality of Zuyuá : the Feathered Serpent and Mesoamerican transformations from the Classic to the Postclassic / Alfredo López Austin and Leonardo López Luján -- pt. II. Classic Teotihuacan in the context of Mesoamerican time and history. The construction of the underworld in Central Mexico / Linda Manzanilla ; Teotihuacan as an origin for Postclassic Feathered serpent symbolism / Saburo Sugiyama ; The iconography of the Feathered Serpent in late Postclassic Central Mexico / H.B. Nicholson ; From Teotihuacan to Tenochtitlan : city planning, caves, and streams of red and blue waters / Doris Heyden ; From Teotihuacan to Tenochititlan : their great temples / Eduardo Matos Moctezuma ; Teotihuacan cultural traditions transmitted into the postclassic according to recent excavations / Rubén Cabrera Castro ; The 9-Xi vase : a classic thin orange vessel found at Tenochtitlan / Leonardo López Luján, Hector Neff and Saburo Sugiyama -- pt. III. Classic Teotihuacan in the context of Mesoamerican space and sacred geography. Out of Teotihuacan : origins of the celestial canon in Mesoamerica / Anthony F. Aveni ; The turquoise hearth : fire, self-sacrifice, and the Central Mexican cult of war / Karl Taube ; Tollan chollan and the legacy of legitamcy during the Classic-Postclassic transition / Geoffrey G. McCafferty -- pt. IV. Classic Teotihuacan in the context of Mesoamerican scholarship and intellectual history. Venerable place of beginnings : the Aztec understanding to Teotihuacan / Elizabeth H. Boone ; Calendrics and ritual landscape at Teotihuacan : themes of continuity in Mesoamerican "cosmovision" / Johanna Broda ; Teotihuacan and the Maya : a Classic heritage / William L. Fash and Barbara W. Fash ; "The arrival of strangers" : Teotihuacan and Tollan in Classic Maya history / David Stuart ; Parallel consumptive cosmologies / Philip P. Arnold. Includes bibliographical references and index.

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