To Change Place: Aztec ceremonial landscapes

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University Press of Colorado, Niwot, CO, p.xxvi, 254 p. (1991)


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Aztecs -- Rites and ceremonies.; Nahuas -- Rites and ceremonies.; Religious architecture and space


Contents: Preface, E Matos Moctezuma. Introduction: Aztec ceremonial landscapes, D Carrasco. Notes on the oldest sculpture of El Templo Mayor at Tenochtitlan, E Matos Moctezuma. A study of skeletal materials from Tlatelolco, J Roman Berrelleza. Discovery of a painted mural at Tlatelolco, S Arroyo. The Mt Tlaloc project, R Townsend. The sacrifice of Tezcatlipoca: to change place, D Carrasco. Mapping the ritual landscape: debt payment to Tlaloc during the month of Atlcahualo, A Aveni. The sacred landscape of Aztec calendar festivals: myth, nature, and society, J Broda. Migration histories as ritual performance, E Boone. The myth of the half-man who descended from the sky, A Lopez Austin. The octli cult in late pre-Hispanic central Mexico, H Nicholson. Dryness before the rains: Toxcatl and Tezcatlipoca, D Heyden. Reflection on the miraculous waters of Tenochtitlan, L Sullivan. Vamos a Rezar a San Marcos: a Tlapanec pilgrimage, P Loo. Eating landscape: human sacrifice and sustenance in Aztec Mexico, P Arnold. Religious rationalization and the conversions of the Nahuas: social organization and colonial epistemology, J Klor de Alva. Remnants of the shaman, J Day. Includes bibliographial references and index.

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