A Perspective for a Study of Religious Dimensions in Chicano Experience: Bless me, Ultima as a Religious Text

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Journal Article


Aztlan, Volume 13, Number 1-2, University of California, Los Angeles, p.195-221 (1982)


Chicano/a -- literature; Literature and theology; Eliade; Mircea; 1907-1986


The Chicano novel is viewed from the perspective of the History of Religions to reveal the sacred landscapes of Bless Me, Ultima. The article uncovers the natural hierophanies portrayed in the novel as well as the shamanic elements of the hero's life. Applying the studies of Mircea Eliade to the relationship between Antonio and Ultima, the author shows how Chicano culture, as portrayed in the novel, contains important pre-Christian elements associated with archaic cultures. The article offers a perspective to look at other Chicano expressions in terms of their universal religiosity.

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