Welcome to the Latino/a Bibliography of Theology and Religious Studies!

This is a project and service of the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the U.S. (ACHTUS), designed for its members and for scholars and students anywhere who need accurate, complete and frequently updated bibliographical information on and by U.S. Latino/a Catholics and Episcopalians.

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We have tried to cover all the usual areas expected in the academic study of Catholic and Episcopalian Christianity, with an admitted bibliographic emphasis on the theological disciplines. Hence, besides entries in the social sciences, users will find many more entries in biblical studies, in systematic and pastoral theologies, as well as in Christian ethics/moral theology, liturgy, church history, and in a number of allied fields (i.e., philosophy, cultural studies, etc.).

The user, therefore, can search this bibliographical database by subject (e.g., systematic theology, pastoral theology, church history, biblical studies, etc.), author's name, year of publication, type of publication (e.g., books, articles in printed journals, chapters in collective volumes, articles in electronic journals, etc.), and keywords.

The bibliographical entries herein are either by Latino/a Catholics or Episcopalians, or by others who study these two Latino/a religious communities. We understand and appreciate that the scholarly output by and on U.S. Latino/a Christianity is much wider than the two large denominational universes covered by this bibliography. Our focus on Catholics and Episcopalians does not imply, and cannot be made to imply, disregard or lack or appreciation for the work of colleagues in other Christian churches. However, because there already is a very good and comprehensive printed bibliography on U.S. Latino/a Protestantism and Pentecostalism, we felt there was now a need for a bibliographic project that focused mainly on Catholics and Episcopalians.

Latino/a scholars continue to publish, and so this bibliography will continue to grow. Users and authors will do their colleagues and students a great service if they would contact us with complete bibliographical information on all new publications by and on U.S. Latino/a Catholicism and Catholics, and U.S. Latino/a Episcopalianism and Episcopalians.

We have made every effort to be as complete and comprehensive as possible, but it is very possible that we might have missed an author or an entry that a user expected to find herein. Or perhaps information herein might be incorrect or incomplete. In any of these cases we will also need the users' or authors' assistance in order to complete or correct the bibliographical information.

We hope that this collective project, sponsored by ACHTUS, will serve the bibliographic needs of our colleagues and students, and of others with an interest in the academic study of U.S. Latino/a Catholics and Episcopalians and of their respective ecclesial communities.

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