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`Till There Was You', González-Andrieu, Cecilia , The Treasure of Guadalupe, Lanham, MD, p.65-71, (2006)
¡Presente! The Prophetic Legacy of Moñsenor Romero, Nanko-Fernández, Carmen M. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Number June 2006, (2006)
What is Hispanic/Latino Theology, Ford, John , Josephinum Journal of Theology, Winter/Spring, Volume 12/1, p.120-130, (2005)
"Culled" to Worship?: priestly formation and Hispanic ministry, Davis, Kenneth G.; Menocal, Lydia , Seminary Journal, Winter, Volume 11, Number 3, p.30-37, (2005)
No Neutral Zones: hermeneutics and the interpretation of liturgical space, Wedig, Mark E. , Liturgical Ministry, Wint, Volume 14, p.1-7, (2005)
Restoration of Sonship: reflections on time and eternity, López Pulido, Alberto , Communio, Wint, Volume 32, Number 4, p.682-704, (2005)
A Response to Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza's 'Feminist Studies in Religion and The*logy in Between Nationalism and Globalization', Aquino, María Pilar , Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Spring, p.134-139, (2005)
Contemplating Christ through the Eyes of Mary: The Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae and the New Mysteries of Light, Casarella, Peter J. , Pro Ecclesia, Spring, Volume 14, Number 2, p.161-73, (2005)
Reading the Signs of the Times: a U.S. Hispanic perspective on the future of theological education, Díaz, Miguel H. , New Horizons in Theology, Spring, Number 1, Maryknoll, NY, p.225-230, (2005)
The World Series in Ordinary Time, Nanko-Fernández, Carmen M. , Preach, September/Octobe, (2005)
The Patron Saint of Lay Theologians, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, Sep 2, Volume 41, Number 38, p.18, (2005)
Dal Messico Verso La Terra Promessa, Groody, Daniel G. , Missione Oggi , Ottobre 8, 2005, Brescia Italy, (2005)
La Unción de los enfermos, Rodríguez, Isaías , CAMINOS, October-December, Number 19, p.8, (2005)
¿Qué significa ARCIC?, Rodríguez, Isaías , CAMINOS, October-December, Number 19, p.4, (2005)
To Err is Human; Readers are Divine, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, May 27, Volume 41, Number 30, p.19, (2005)
Preaching and the Quinceañera, Gómez Ruiz, Raúl , Preach: Enlivening the Pastoral Art, March/April, (2005)
Hispanic Popular Catholicism, Davis, Kenneth G. , Pastoral Life, March, Volume 54, Number 3, p.3-7, (2005)
Origen of Alexandria, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, Mar 25, Volume 41, Number 21, p.13, (2005)
Julian's Idea of Heaven, Macy, Gary , National Catholic Reporter, Jun 17, Volume 41, Number 32, p.23, (2005)
A Pilgrim's Journey Home, Pineda, Ana María , U.S. Catholic, July, Volume 70, Number 7, p.34-35, (2005)
Christian Spirituality: A New Model, Deck, Allan Figueroa , America, January, Volume 192, Number 1, p.3-10, (2005)
An evaluation: Perspectives on the Hispanic Theological Initiative, Turner, Caroline Viernes; Hernández, Edwin I.; Peña, Milagros; González, Juan Carlos; Station, Elizabeth , Perspectivas: Hispanic Theological Initiative Occasional papers, Fall, Number 9, Princeton, NJ, (2005)
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: Latin American church mother , González, Michelle A. , Perspectivas: Hispanic Theological Initiative Occasional papers, Fall, Number 9, Princeton, NJ, (2005)
An Advent Reflection for the Ministerial Priesthood, Davis, Kenneth G. , Priest, December, p.49, (2005)
The Baptismal Garment is Seamless: A Hispanic Model for Whole-Community Celebration, Davis, Kenneth G. , Ministry & Liturgy, December, Volume 32, Number 10, p.14-17, (2005)

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