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Caribbean Contribution, Zapata, Dominga M. , Perspectivas: Hispanic ministry, Kansas City, MO, p.13-21, (1995)
The Puerto Rican Experience in the United States: A Pastoral Perspective, Zapata, Dominga M. , Dialogue Rejoined: Theology and Ministry in the United States Hispanic Reality, Collegeville, MN, p.43-60, (1995)
It's Great That We Are Getting Older, Zaldivar, Silvia , Así Es: stories of Hispanic spirituality, Collegeville, MN, p.68-74, (1994)
Hispanic Spirituality: Perspectives of a Woman Religious, Zapata, Dominga M. , Así Es: stories of Hispanic spirituality, Collegeville, MN, p.63, (1994)
El Ser y el Hacer de la Iglesia: Pastoral de Conjunto / The Being and Doing of Church: Pastoral de Conjunto, Zapata, Dominga M. , Visión Profética: Reflexiones pastorales sobre el plan pastoral para el ministerio Hispano / Prophetic Vision: pastoral reflections on the National pastoral plan for Hispanic ministry , Kansas City, MO, p.91-100 (Spanish); 267-276 (English), (1992)
Ministries Among Hispanics in the United States: development and change, Zapata, Dominga M. , New Theology Review, November, Volume 3, Number 4, p.62-71, (1990)
The Rhythm and Prayer Life of the Poor, Zapata, Dominga M. , Liturgy, Summer, Number 8, p.25-29, (1990)
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Hispanic Liturgy as Prophecy, Zapata, Dominga M. , Liturgy, Summer, Number 6, p.59-63, (1986)
Saints in the Hispanic community, Zapata, Dominga M. , Liturgy, Fall, Volume 5, Number 2, p.59-63, (1985)
"Dies Domini": keeping Sunday as a prophetic act of meaning, Wedig, Mark E. , Rite, May-Jun, Volume 37, Number 3, p.16-17, (2006)
When Liturgy Makes the Church: the RCIA transforming a campus, Wedig, Mark E. , Liturgical Ministry, Spr, Volume 15, p.108-114, (2006)
No Neutral Zones: hermeneutics and the interpretation of liturgical space, Wedig, Mark E. , Liturgical Ministry, Wint, Volume 14, p.1-7, (2005)
Fe y Accion Social: Hispanic Churches in Faith-Based Community Organizing, Wood, Richard L. , Latino Religions and Civic Activism in the United States, New York, NY, p.145-158, (2005)
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Case: Cultural Locations, Wright, Robert E. , Folio: Diversity in Theological Education, Pittsburgh, PA, (2003)
The Reverse Tide: Hispanic Catholics in the United States, Wright, Robert E. , Offerings: Journal of Oblate School of Theology, Volume 2, p.5-26, (2003)
Evangelization, Inculturation and the RCIA, Wedig, Mark E. , Worship, N, Volume 76, Number 6, p.503-520, (2002)
The Shared Lens of Theologian and Visual Artist, Wedig, Mark E. , Chicago Studies, Fall-Wint 2002, Volume 41, Number 3, p.259-267, (2002)
Edifice and Image: reform of the Roman Catholic worship environment, Wedig, Mark E. , New Theology Review, Aug, Volume 15, Number 3, p.5-15, (2002)
The Hispanic Church in Texas under Spain and Mexico, Wright, Robert E. , U.S. Catholic Historian, Fall, Volume 20, Number 4, p.15-33, (2002)
The Visual Hermeneutics of Hispanic/Latino Popular Religion and the Recovery of the Image in Christian Praxis, Wedig, Mark E. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, F, Volume 8, Number 3, p.6-17, (2001)
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U.S. Hispanic Catholics: Trends and Works 1999, Wright, Robert E. , Review for Religious, Volume 59, (2000)
Hispanic Philanthropy: exploring the factors that influence giving and asking, Wagner, Lilya; Deck, Allan Figueroa , New directions for philanthropic fundraising, Volume no. 24, (, San Francisco, CA, p.119 p., (1999)

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