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The Bread that Gives Life, Bilgrien, Marie Vianney , Emmanuel, Volume 105, p.340, (1999)
La parroquia urbana, Bravo, Benjamin , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, My, Volume 6, Number 4, p.19-56, (1999)
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The Theology of José de Acosta (1540-1600): Challenge and Inspiration for Bridging the Gap Between the Academy, Society, and the Church, Burgaleta, Claudio M. , Theology Today, Ja, Volume 54, p.470-479, (1998)
The Guadalupan Image: An Inculturation of the Good News, Barber, Janet , Josephinum Journal of Theology, Volume 4, p.65-81, (1997)
Hispanic Associates: Gift and Challenge, Becker, Jean , Sisters Today, November, Volume 69, Number 6, p.454-455, (1997)
Solidarity: more than a Polish thing, Bilgrien, Marie Vianney , Review for Religious, Volume 56, p.566, (1997)
Solidarity--the newest virtue, Bilgrien, Marie Vianney , New Theology Review, Volume 10, p.82, (1997)
Hispanic Catholic Youth in the United States, Boran, George , Chicago Studies, December, Volume 36, Number 3, p.243-254, (1997)
Racism and Religious Life, Barrón, Clemente , Review for Religious, September-Octobe, Volume 55, Number 5, p.494-505, (1996)
Mestizo Christianity: Theology from the Latino Perspective, Bañuelas, Arturo J. , Maryknoll, NY,, 278 p., (1995)
U.S. Hispanic Theology: An Initial Assessment, Bañuelas, Arturo J. , Mestizo Christianity: Theology from the Latino Perspective, Maryknoll, NY, p.55-82, (1995)
Editorial, Boff, Leonardo; Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Ecology and Poverty: Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor, London & Maryknoll, NY, p.ix-xii, (1995)
Latino/Hispanic History since 1965: the collective transformation of regional minorities, Badillo, David A. , Hispanic Catholic Culture in the U.S.: Issues and Concerns, Notre Dame, IN, p.50-76, (1994)
The Catholic Church and the Making of Mexican-American Parish Communities in the Midwest, Badillo, David A. , Mexican Americans and the Catholic Church, 1900-1965, Notre Dame, IN, p.235-308, (1994)
Hispanics and the Roman Catholic Church, Beal, Tarcisio , Hispanics in the Church: Up from the Cellar, San Francisco, CA, p.25-52, (1994)
Resistance and Accomodation in Latin American Popular Religiosity, Benavides, Gustavo , An Enduring Flame: Studies on Latino Popular Religiosity, Volume I, New York, NY, p.37-67, (1994)
Inculturation as Discernment of Spirits: A Rahnerian Approach for the 'World Church', Burgaleta, Claudio M. , Living Light, Volume 30, p.31-40, (1994)
The Mexican Catholic Community in California, Burns, Jeffrey M. , Mexican Americans and the Catholic Church, 1900-1965, Notre Dame, IN, p.127-233, (1994)
A Rahnerian Reading of Santería: A Proposal for a Christian Recovery of the Syncretic Elements of Latin American Popular Religiosity Based on Rahner's Concept of Anonymous Christianity, Burgaleta, Claudio M. , Apuntes, Sum, Volume 13, p.139-150, (1993)
U.S. Hispanic Theology, Bañuelas, Arturo J. , Missiology: An International Review, April, Volume 20, p.275-300, (1992)
Models of Contextual Theology, Bevans, Stephen , Maryknoll, NY, (1992)
El III Encuentro: Una Reflexión Teológica sobre un Hecho Eclesial Clásico, Blanchard, David , Visión Profética: Reflexiones pastorales sobre el plan pastoral para el ministerio Hispano / Prophetic Vision: pastoral reflections on the National pastoral plan for Hispanic ministry , Kansas City, MO, p.25-43 (Spanish); 200-217 (English), (1992)
U.S. Hispanic Roman Catholic Theology: a bibliography, Bañuelas, Arturo J. , Apuntes, Winter, Volume 2, Number 4, p.93-103, (1991)
Popular Religiosity and Sacramentality: Learning from Hispanics a Deeper Sense of Symbol, Ritual, and Sacrament, Buckley, Francis J. , Living Light, Summer, Volume 27, Number 4, p.351-360, (1991)

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