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The Roots of Mestizo Catholicism in California, Alvarez, Salvador E. , Fronteras: a history of the Latin American Church in the USA since 1513, Volume X, San Antonio, p.239-254, (1983)
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The Mariology of the Fourth Gospel: Mary and the struggles for liberation, Alfaro, Juan I. , Biblical Theology Bulletin, Ja, Volume 10, p.3-16, (1980) Abstract
Presencia de la Mujer en la tradición profética, Aquino, María Pilar , Servir, Number 88-89, México City, p.535-558, (1980)
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The Land - Stewardship, Alfaro, Juan I. , Biblical Theology Bulletin, Ap, Volume 8, p.51-61, (1978)
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Presenting Christ; selected lectures, Aymes, María de la Cruz , Slough, Bucks, England, p.105 p., (1969)
My Dear Juan Diego, Brodeur, Raymond , The Treasure of Guadalupe, Lanham, MD, p.59-63, (2006)
Love That Produces Hope: the thought of Ignacio Ellacuría, Burke, Kevin F.; Lassalle-Klein, Robert , Collegeville, MN, p.xxxv, 292 p., (2006)
Miguel Díaz’s On Being Human: Popular Religion and Karl Rahner, Barnes, Michael H. , Philosophy & Theology, Volume 16, Number 1, p.131-40, (2004)
Politics and the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience, Barvosa-Carter, Edwina , Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience, Volume 2, Boston, MA, p.xii, 322 p., (2004)
The Rise of Pentecostalism, Bilgrien, Marie Vianney , National Catholic Reporter, Volume 40, Number 32, p.25, (2004)
El bautismo: nuestro llamado al ministerio, Bañuelas, Arturo J. , Camino a Emaus: compartiendo el ministerio de Jesús, Minneapolis, MN, p.7-14, (2002)
Transformative Process in the Parables of Jesus, Bilgrien, Marie Vianney , Foundation Theology 2002: faculty essays for ministry professionals, Bristol, IN, p.240 p., (2002)
Bilingual Ritual of Hispanic Popular Catholicism, Brankin, Patrick , New Hope, KY,, 187 p., 16 p. of plates, (2002)
Burgaleta? That Doesn't Sound Irish to Me, Burgaleta, Claudio M. , Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits, Volume 33/5, p.4-9, (2001)
Solidarity as a Virtue and the Common Good, Bilgrien, Marie Vianney , Foundation Theology 2000: faculty essays for ministry professionals, Bristol, IN, p.1-18, (2000)
Hispanic Catholic Youth in the United States, Boran, George , Bridging Boundaries: The Pastoral Care of U.S. Hispanics, Scranton, PA, p.95-106, (2000)
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Solidarity: a principle, an attitude, a duty? or the virtue for an interdependent world?, Bilgrien, Marie Vianney , American university studies.; Series VII,; Theology and religion, Volume 204, New York, NY, p.ix, 278 p., (1999)

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