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Building Bridges as Worlds Collide, Rivera, Anastacio , The Treasure of Guadalupe, Lanham, MD, p.31-36, (2006)
The Bible and U.S. Hispanic American Theological Discourse: lessons from a non-innocent history , Ruíz, Jean-Pierre , From the Heart of Our People : Latino/a Explorations in Catholic Systematic Theology, Maryknoll, NY, p.100-120, (1999)
Spain in Latino Religiosity, Christian, William A. , El Cuerpo de Cristo: The Hispanic Presence in the U.S. Catholic Church, New York, NY, p.325-330, (1998)
Juan Mateo Guaticabanú, September 21,1496: Evangelization and Martyrdom in the Time of Columbus, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , The Catholic Historical Review, October, Number 82, p.614-636, (1996)
Ethics and the Narrative of Hispanic Americans: Conquest, Community, and the Fragility of Life, Wadell, Paul J. , Dialogue Rejoined: Theology and Ministry in the United States Hispanic Reality, Collegeville, MN, p.125-144, (1995)
Towards an Understanding of Synthesis in Iberian Hispanic American Popular Religiosity, Vidal, Jaime R. , An Enduring Flame: Studies on Latino Popular Religiosity, Volume I, New York, NY, p.69-95, (1994)
The Inter-Atlantic Paradigm: The Failure of Spanish Medieval Colonialization of the Canary and Caribbean Islands, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , Comparative Studies in Society and History, July, Volume 35, Number 3, p.515-543, (1993)
500 Years of..., Ramírez, Ricardo , Apuntes, Summer, Number 12, p.98-107, (1992)
The Roman Catholic Missionary Experience in Ibero-America, Poole, Stafford , Word and World, Spring, Number 12, p.138-145, (1992)
Columbus: Invasion or Evangelization, Pineda, Ana María , Missiology: An International Review, April, Volume 2, (1992)
Evangelization of the 'New World': A New World Perspective, Pineda, Ana María , Missiology: An International Review, April, Volume 20, Number 2, p.151-162, (1992)
The Trashing of the Fifth Centenary, Deck, Allan Figueroa , America, 19 December, Volume 167, p.499-501, (1992)
Conquista y liberacion en los Estados Unidos, Sandoval, Moises , Sentido historico del V Centenario (1492-1992), San Jose, Costa Rica, p.161-170, (1992)
Evangelization: then and now (?), Vidal, Jaime R.; Herrera, Marina , New Theology Review, November, Volume 3, Number 4, p.6-21, (1990)
1492-1992: The Voice of the Victims, Elizondo, Virgilio P.; Boff, Leonardo , Concilium, Philadelphia, PA, (1990)
The Radical Shift in the Spanish Approach to Intercivilizational Encounter, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , Comparative Civilizations Review, Fall, Volume 21, p.80-101, (1989)
The Organization of the Church on the Frontier, Santos, Ricardo , Fronteras: a history of the Latin American Church in the USA since 1513, Volume X, San Antonio, TX, p.55-102, (1983)
Jicotenca: tomo primero [-segundo], Varela, Félix; Stavely, William , Filadelfia:, p.2 v. (224, 247, [1] p.), (1826)

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