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Dal Messico Verso La Terra Promessa, Groody, Daniel G. , Missione Oggi , Ottobre 8, 2005, Brescia Italy, (2005)
Beyond the Frontier Myth , Goizueta, Roberto S. , Hispanic Christian Thought at the Dawn of the 21st Century: apuntes in honor of Justo L. González, Nashville, TN, p.150-158, (2005)
Frontera de Muerte, Valla de Vida: Un Caminar del Immigrante Mexicano, Groody, Daniel G. , Mexico City, (2005)
Undocumented Migration and Religious Experience: A Theological Interpretation of the Mexican-American Border, Groody, Daniel G. , Encountering Transcendence: Contributions to a Theology of Christian Religious Experience, Leuven, Belgium, p.359-372, (2005)
Cruzando a Linha, Um Olhar de Fe Sobre a Fronteira Eua-Mexico, Groody, Daniel G. , Travessia, Janeiro-Abril, Brasil, (2004)
Crossing the Line: A Spiritual View of the U.S./Mexican Border, Groody, Daniel G. , The Way: Contempory Christian Spirituality, April, Volume 43, Number 2, p.58-69, (2004)
Alambrista and the U.S.-Mexico Border: film, music, and stories of undocumented immigrants, Cull, Nicholas John; Carrasco, Davíd , Albuquerque, NM, (2004)
Film and the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience: representations of religion in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, Delgadillo, Theresa , Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience, Volume 2, Boston, MA, p.xii, 322 p., (2004)
Spirituality on the Western Front: A View from the Mexican Border, Groody, Daniel G. , America Magazine, November 24, 200, Volume 1898, Number 17, p.9-11, (2003)
Border of Death, Valley of Life: An Immigrant Journey of Heart and Spirit, Groody, Daniel G. , Celebrating Faith: Explorations in Latino Spirituality and Theology, New York, (2002)
Fronteira de Morte e Vale de Vida: Caminhada de Coração e Espírito do Imigrante, Groody, Daniel G. , Sao Paolo, Brazil, (2002)
Transformation of Borders: Mestizaje and the future of humanity (1998), Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Beyond Borders: Writings of Virgilio Elizondo and Friends, Maryknoll, NY, p.176-186, (2000)
The Border and Immigration: An Invitation to Posada, Fandel, Cecilia , New Theology Review, February, Volume 2, Number 1, p.32-42, (1999)
Knight Without Armor: Carlos Eduardo Castañeda, 1896-1958, Almaráz, Félix D. , College Station, TX, p.xxi, 430 p., (1999)
Teologia en la Frontera: Limite y Encuentro de Dos Mundos, Suárez Rivero, Ruy G. , Theology: Expanding the Borders, Volume 43, Mystic, CT, p.40-59, (1999)
Sanctuary and Sovereignty: Church and State along the U.S.-Mexican Border, Cunningham, Hilary , Journal of Church and State, Spring, Volume 40, Number 2, p.371-386, (1998)
Snapshots from the Edge: A Report from the U.S./Mexican Border, Clark, Kevin , Salt of the Earth, May/June, p.12-18, (1997)
Guadalupan Devotion in a Borderlands Community, Matovina, Timothy M. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Aug, Volume 4, Number 1, p.6-26, (1996)
Miracles on the Border: Retablos of Mexican Migrants to the United States., Durand, Jorge; Massey, Douglas S. , Tuscon, AZ, (1995)
Class & Race in Borderlands Societies: an interpretative essay, Hinojosa, Gilberto M. , Natives & Newcomers: challenges of the encounter, San Diego, CA, (1993)
Natives & Newcomers: challenges of the encounter, McGraw, Donald J.; Hinojosa, Gilberto M.; Phillips, Carla Rahn; Engstrand, Iris Wilson; Crosby, Alfred W. , San Diego, CA, p.57 p., (1993)
Chicanos, Culture, and the Borderlands: Reflections on worship, Flores, Richard R. , Modern Liturgy, Volume 18, Number 9, p.16-17, (1991)
A Borderlands Town in Transition: Laredo, 1755-1870, Hinojosa, Gilberto M. , College Station, TX, p.xviii, 148 p., (1983)

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