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Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: Latin American Church Mother, González, Michelle A. , Empire and the Christian Tradition: New Readings of Classical Theologians, Minneapolis, MN, (2007)
Roman Catholics in Hispanic America, Lara, Jaime , The Oxford History of Christian Worship, Oxford; New York, (2006)
Christianity, Social Change, and Globalization in the Americas, Peterson, Anna Lisa; Vásquez, Manuel A.; Williams, Philip J. , New Brunswick, NJ, p.xii, 259 p., (2001)
Il vulcano e le ali: The Iconography of Joachim of Fiore in Colonial Latin America, Lara, Jaime , Florensia, Calabria, Italy, (2001)
Conversion Through Theatre: The Drama of the Church in Colonial Latin America, Lara, Jaime , Yale Latin American Review, Spring, Volume 1, Number 1, (1999)
Quetzalcóatl Challenges the Christian Bible, Tamez, Elsa , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, May, Volume 4, Number 4, p.5-20, (1997)
The Construction of the First Shrine and Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe in San Luis Potosi, 1654-1664, Traslosheros, Jorge E.; Badenes, Jose-Ignacio , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Aug, Volume 5, Number 1, p.7-19, (1997)
La herencia medieval de America Latina: la ultima cruzada a una tierra prometida, Lara, Jaime , Revista Hispanoamericana, Cali, Colombia, (1997)
Los frescos recientemente descubiertos de Sutatausa, Cundinamarca, Lara, Jaime , Ensayos 1995-96, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, (1997)
Un arte para un Nuevo Mundo que es fin del mundo: las postrimerias visuales en el principio de America, Lara, Jaime , Revista Hispanoamericana, Cali, Colombia, (1997)
Juan Mateo Guaticabanú, September 21,1496: Evangelization and Martyrdom in the Time of Columbus, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , The Catholic Historical Review, October, Number 82, p.614-636, (1996)
Bartolomé de Las Casas, Modern Critic of Modernity: An Analysis of a Conversion, Goizueta, Roberto S. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, May, Volume 3, Number 4, p.6-19, (1996)
Juan Mateo Guaticabanú: The First to Be Baptized in America, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , Apuntes, Fall, Volume 16, Number 3, p.67-77, (1996)
El espejo en la cruz: una refleccion medieval en las cruces atriales de Mexico, Lara, Jaime , Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas, Number 69, Mexico City, (1996)
The Musical Conquest of a World, Lara, Jaime , PRISM, Yale University, (1996)
A "Church of the Poor" in the Sixteenth Century: The Ecclesiology of Bartolome de Las Casas' De unico modo, Nickoloff, James B. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, May, Volume 2, Number 4, p.26-40, (1995)
Ethical Sense of the 1994 Maya Rebellion in Chiapas, Dussel, Enrique D. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Feb, Volume 2, Number 3, p.41-56, (1995)
Political Simulation: Sor Juana's "Monument," Neptuno Alegórico, Kirk, Pamela , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Feb, Volume 2, Number 2, p.30-40, (1995)
The Persistence of Religious Cosmovision in an Alien World, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , Enigmatic Powers: Syncretism with African and Indigenous Peoples' Religions Among Latinos, Volume III, New York, NY, p.113-135, (1995)
San Martín de Porres: Criatura de Dios, García-Rivera, Alejandro , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Nov, Volume 2, Number 2, p.26-54, (1994)
Torbio de Mogrovejo, Shepherd Amidst Butchers, McGlone, Mary M. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Feb, Volume 1, Number 2, p.64-79, (1994)
Five Centuries of Hispanic American Christianity (1492-1992), Aquino, María Pilar , Apuntes, Spring, Volume 13, Number 1, p.86-103, (1993)
The Inter-Atlantic Paradigm: The Failure of Spanish Medieval Colonialization of the Canary and Caribbean Islands, Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. , Comparative Studies in Society and History, July, Volume 35, Number 3, p.515-543, (1993)
The Roman Catholic Missionary Experience in Ibero-America, Poole, Stafford , Word and World, Spring, Number 12, p.138-145, (1992)
Evangelization of the 'New World': A New World Perspective, Pineda, Ana María , Missiology: An International Review, April, Volume 20, Number 2, p.151-162, (1992)

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