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Catholicism in Latinamerica, Mendez Montoya, Angel F. , The Blackwell Companion to Catholicism, Malden, MA; Oxford, (2007)
Cultural Memory: resistance, faith, and identity, Rodriguez, Jeanette; Fortier, Ted , Austin, TX, (2007)
Feminist Intercultural Theology: Latina Explorations for a Just World, Aquino, María Pilar; Rosado Nuñez, María José , Maryknoll, NY, (2007)
Latina Activists Across Borders: women's grassroots organizing in Mexico and Texas, Peña, Milagros , Durham, NC, (2007)
Latinas Writing Theology at the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century, Pineda-Madrid, Nancy , Feminist Theologies: legacy and prospect, Minneapolis, MN, p.55-65, (2007)
Recruitment Strategies for the Priesthood, Davis, Kenneth G.; Lampe, Philip E. , Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Number January, p.16-23, (2007)
Strangers in a Foreign Land: The Organizing of Catholic Latinos in the United States, Schultze, George E. , Lanham, MD, p.xi, 175 p. ; 23 cm., (2007)
The Virgen and the Scholar: Afro-Cuban Contributions to Latino/a and Latin American Theologies, González, Michelle A. , Feminist Intercultural Theology: Latina Explorations for a Just World, Maryknoll, NY, (2007)
Un Dios de Increíbles Sorpresas: Jesús de Galilea, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Chicago, IL, (2007)
Introduction/Presentación to Libranos del mal: La religion en la literatura Chicana, Rodríguez, Jeanette , Puentes, Revista mèxico-chicana de literature, cultura y arte, October, Number 4, (2006)
One Faith, Many Cultures, Davis, Kenneth G. , St Anthony Messenger, June, Volume 114, Number 1, p.25-28, (2006)
The Venerable Vulnerable, Davis, Kenneth G. , New Theology Review, February, Volume 19, Number 1, p.42, (2006)
¡Cuidado! The Church Who Cares and Pastoral Hostility, Nanko-Fernandez, Carmen M. , New Theology Review, February, Volume 19, Number 1, p.24-33, (2006)
One Is Not Born a Latina, One Becomes One: The Construction of the Latina Feminist Theologian in Latino/a Theology, González, Michelle A. , Rethinking Latino/a Religions and Identity, Feb, Number 3, Cleveland, OH, (2006)
Beyond the Missions: The Diocesan Church in the Hispanic Southwest, Matovina, Timothy M. , American Catholic Studies, Fall, Number 117, p.1-15, (2006)
¿Qué significan los términos católico, reformado, protestante?, Rodríguez, Isaías , CAMINOS, April-June, Number 21, p.6, (2006)
Quintessential Quinceañera Questions, Davis, Kenneth G. , Today's Liturgy, 11 June-2 Septem, Volume Ordinary T, p.20-24, (2006)
Communication as Communion: elements in a hermeneutic of lo cotidiano, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María , Engaging the Bible in a Gendered World: an introduction to feminist biblical interpretation in honor of Katharine Doob Sakenfeld, Louisville, KY, (2006)
Consecrate Consecrate: Hispanic Home Rituals and the Liturgy of the Catholic Church, Davis, Kenneth G. , Liturgy, Volume 21, Number 4, p.53-60, (2006)
Dead Reckoning or Reckoning with the Dead: Hispanic Catholic Funeral Customs, Davis, Kenneth G. , Liturgy, Volume 21, Number 1, p.21-27, (2006)
Exhibiting Religious Erotics: ethics of machismo after Aztlán, León, Luís , Rethinking Latino(a) Religion and Identity, Cleveland, OH, (2006)
Emerging Voices, Urgent Choices: Essays on Latino/a Religious Leadership, Hernandez, Edwin I.; Peña, Milagros; Davis, Kenneth G. , Religion in the Americas series, Volume 4, Leiden; Boston, p.x, 221 p. : ill. ; 24 cm., (2006)
Go and Do Likewise: studies on Christian faith and social action, González, Justo L.; Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Nashville, TN, (2006)
Hispanic Women: Prophetic Voice in the Church, Isasi-Díaz, Ada María; Tarango, Yolanda , Scranton, PA, (2006)
Hispanic Catholic Leadership: Key to the Future, Davis, Kenneth G.; Hernandez, Andrew; Lampe, Philip E. , Emerging Voices, Urgent Choices: essays on Latino/a religious leadership, Volume 4, Leiden; Boston, p.37, (2006)

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