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Hispanic Catholics: El futuro Is Here, Matovina, Timothy M. , Commonweal, September 14, p.19-21, (2001)
La Mística Hispana: ¿Un Nuevo Camino a la Santidad en los Estados Unidos?, Casarella, Peter J. , Amen, Fall, Volume 14, p.12-15, (2001)
Battling Spiritism and the Need for Catholic Orthodoxy, Vásquez, Manuel A. , Religions of the United States in Practice, Volume 2, Princeton, NJ, p.449-461, (2001)
Charismatic Renewal Among Latino Catholics, Vásquez, Manuel A. , Religions of the United States in Practice, Volume 2, Princeton, NJ, p.346-354, (2001)
Latino Catholics and American Public Life, Matovina, Timothy M. , Can Charitable Choice Work? Covering Religion's Impact on Urban Affairs and Social Services, Hartford, CT, p.56-77, (2001)
Latino/a Theology, Espín, Orlando O. , Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, Volume 56, p.121-123, (2001)
The Global and the Local, Peterson, Anna Lisa; Vásquez, Manuel A.; Williams, Philip J. , Christianity, Social Change, and Globalization in the Americas, New Brunswick, NJ, p.210-228, (2001)
Hispanic Gifts, Elizondo, Virgilio P. , Catholic Update, June, p.2, (2000)
"There You Will See Him": Christianity Beyond the Frontier Myth, Goizueta, Roberto S. , The Church as Counterculture, Ithaca, NY, p.171-193, (2000)
A Ressourcement from the Margins: U.S. Latino Popular Catholicism as Lived Religion, Goizueta, Roberto S. , Theology and Lived Christianity, Mystic, CT, p.3-37, (2000)
Beyond Borders: Writings of Virgilio Elizondo and Friends, Matovina, Timothy M. , Maryknoll, NY, p.xii, 308 pp., (2000)
Hispanic Catholic Youth in the United States, Boran, George , Bridging Boundaries: The Pastoral Care of U.S. Hispanics, Scranton, PA, p.95-106, (2000)
La Navidad Hispana: at home and at church, Arias, Miguel; Francis, Mark R.; Pérez Rodríguez, Arturo , Chicago, IL, p.viii,107, (2000)
Preaching to Generation X, Alvarez, Victor , Preaching and Culture in Latino Congregations, Chicago, IL, p.120-139, (2000)
The Sacred World of the Penitentes, López Pulido, Alberto , Washington, DC, p.xx, 108 p., (2000)
U.S. Hispanic Catholics: Trends and Works 1999, Wright, Robert E. , Review for Religious, Volume 59, (2000)
¡Presente! U.S. Latino Catholics from Colonial Origins to the Present, Matovina, Timothy M.; Poyo, Gerald E. , Maryknoll, NY, (2000)
Building Churches and Communities in 19th Century South Texas, Wright, Robert E. , Heritage, Spring, Volume 17, Number 1, Austin, p.16-20, (1999)
U.S. Hispanic Catholics: trends and works 1998, Davis, Kenneth G. , Review for Religious, Mar-Apr, Volume 58, p.193-208, (1999)
Liturgy and Popular Piety: A Marriage Made on Earth, Sosa, Juan J. , Church, Fall, Volume 15, Number 3, p.13-16, (1999)
Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres: we walk-with Our Lady of Charity, Díaz, Miguel H. , From the Heart of Our People: Latino/a Explorations in Catholic Systematic Theology, Maryknoll, NY, p.153-171, (1999)
Is the Mass Eurocentric? Response to Gary Riebe-Estrella, Cummings, Owen F. , Antiphon, Volume 4, Number 2, p.5, (1999)
Latino/a Catholic Theology: a selective bibliography, Bañuelas, Arturo J. , From the Heart of our People: Latino/a explorations in Catholic systematic theology, Maryknoll, NY, p.255-259, (1999)
Pilgrimage to Chimayó: contemporary portrait of a living tradition, Howarth, Sam; Lamadrid, Enrique R.; Gandert, Miguel A. , Santa Fe, NM, p.24, [53] p., (1999)
Pueblo and Church, Riebe-Estrella, Gary , From the Heart of Our People : Latino/a Explorations in Catholic Systematic Theology, Maryknoll, NY, p.172-188, (1999)

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