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Away in a Manger, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , Preach, Nov/Dec, p.20-22, (2004)
Cara y Corazón (Face and Heart): Toward a U.S. Latino Spirituality of Inculturation, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , New Theology Review, May, Volume 17, Number 2, p.46-55, (2004)
Pastorcitos del Monte Venid, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , Catolica, December 5th, (2004)
Who is Americano/a? Theological Anthropology, Post-Coloniality, and the Spanish-Speaking Americas, González, Michelle A. , Postcolonial Theologies: Divinity and Empire, St. Louis, MO, p.58-79, (2004)
Teaching as Social Action, González, Michelle A. , Vistas, Spring, Number 6, Loyola Marymount University, p.3, (2003)
Shining a Light on the New Mysteries, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , U.S. Catholic, October, Number 68, p.30-31, (2003)
Cara y Corazón: Raices religiosas en un mexicoamericano, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , Critica, January, Volume LIII, Number 901, p.52-53, (2003)
"One Is Not Born a Latina, One Becomes One": The Construction of the Latina Feminist Theologian in Latino/a Theology, González, Michelle A. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, Feb, Volume 10, Number 3, p.5-30, (2003)
Sor Juana: beauty and justice in the Americas, González, Michelle A. , Maryknoll, NY, p.xiv, 218 p. ; 21 cm., (2003)
Unearthing the Latino(a) Imagination: literature and theology, some methodological gestures, González, Michelle A. , New Horizons in Hispanic/Latino(a) Theology, Cleveland, OH, p.119-137, (2003)
Liberation Spirituality and the Process of Canonization for St. Clare of Assisi, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , Cord, July/August, Number 52, p.142-152, (2002)
Whom Will You Welcome this Christmas?, Cavazos-González, Gilberto , U.S. Catholic, December, Number 67, p.12-15, (2002)
Ministerio y cultura, González-Andrieu, Cecilia; Andrieu, Jean-Paul , Camino a Emaús: Compartiendo el ministerio de Jesús, Minneapolis, MN, p.63-72, (2002)
Seeing Beauty within Torment: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and the Baroque in New Spain, González, Michelle A. , A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology: Religion and Justice, Austin, TX, p.3-22, (2002)
There are Many Rooms, González, Michelle A. , Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, Volume 57, p.123-124, (2002)
Nuestra Humanidad: Toward a Latina Theological Anthropology, González, Michelle A. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, F, Volume 8, Number 3, p.49-72, (2001)
The Mariology of the Nican Mopohua, González, Robert A. , Josephinum Journal of Theology, Winter/Spring, Volume 3, Number 1, p.42-55, (1996)
Parish Restructuring in Multi-Cultural Communities, González, María Elena , Origins, May 4, Volume 24, Number 46, p.781, 783-788, (1995)
The Hispanic Catholic in the United States: a socio-cultural and religious profile, González, Roberto O.; La Velle, Michael , New York, NY, (1985)
Hispanic Americans and the Church in the Northeast: response to a survey, Fitzpatrick, Joseph P.; González, Roberto O. , New York, NY, p.89 leaves, (1977)
Christology, Latino Views of, González, Michelle A. , The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity , Cambridge
God, Latino Views of, González, Michelle A. , The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity , Cambridge
Latina Spirituality, González, Michelle A.

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