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Modernity and Post-Modernity, Casarella, Peter J. , The Blackwell Companion to Catholicism, Oxford, p.81-95, (2007)
Carmen Dei: Music and Creation in Three Theologians, Casarella, Peter J. , Theology Today, January, Volume 62, Number 4, p.484-500, (2006)
Cusanus: The Legacy of Learned Ignorance, Casarella, Peter J. , Washington, DC, p.xxxi, 280 p., (2006)
Contemplating Christ through the Eyes of Mary: The Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae and the New Mysteries of Light, Casarella, Peter J. , Pro Ecclesia, Spring, Volume 14, Number 2, p.161-73, (2005)
La Productividad de la Imagen en San Buenaventura y Nicolás de Cusa, Casarella, Peter J. , El Problema del Conocimiento en Nicolás de Cusa: genealogía y proyección, Buenos Aires, p.49-65, (2005)
The Expression and Form of the Word: Trinitarian hermeneutics and the sacramentality of language in the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar, Casarella, Peter J. , Glory, Grace, and Culture: the work of Hans Urs von Balthasar , Mahwah, NJ, p.37-68, (2005)
Art and the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience , Casarella, Peter J. , Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience, Volume 2, Boston, MA, p.143-69, (2004)
Sacraments, Casarella, Peter J. , Introducing Nicholas of Cusa, Mahwah, NJ, p.347-372, (2004)
The Sacramental Theology of Nicholas of Cusa, Casarella, Peter J. , Introducing Nicholas of Cusa: A Guide to a Renaissance Man, New York, NY, p.347-72, (2004)
Adrienne von Speyr as Theologian, Casarella, Peter J. , Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, Volume 58, p.124-125, (2003)
Eucharist: Presence of a Gift, Casarella, Peter J. , Rediscovering the Eucharist: Ecumenical Conversations, New York, NY, p.199-225, (2003)
El Cuerpo de Cristo: the Hispanic presence in the U.S. Catholic Church, Casarella, Peter J.; Gómez Ruiz, Raúl , Lima, OH, p.334 p., (2003)
Heymeric of Camp, Casarella, Peter J. , A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages, Malden, MA, p.316-7, (2003)
Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), On Learned Ignorance: Byzantine Light en route to a Distant Shore, Casarella, Peter J. , The Classics of Western Philosophy, Malden, MA, p.183-89, (2003)
Sacra Ignorantia: Sobre la Doxología Filosófica del Cusano, Casarella, Peter J. , Concidencia Dos Opostos e Concordia: Caminhos do Pensamiento em Nicolau de Cusa, Coimbra, p.51-65, (2002)
Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa: an introduction, Casarella, Peter J. , Communio, Wint, Volume 28, Number 4, p.843-847, (2001)
Waiting for a Cosmic Christ in an Uncreated World, Casarella, Peter J. , Communio, Sum, Volume 28, Number 2, p.230-264, (2001)
La Mística Hispana: ¿Un Nuevo Camino a la Santidad en los Estados Unidos?, Casarella, Peter J. , Amen, Fall, Volume 14, p.12-15, (2001)
Hans Urs von Balthasar Society, Casarella, Peter J. , Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, Volume 56, p.163-165, (2001)
Solidarity as the Fruit of Communion: Ecclesia in America, 'Post-Liberation Theology,' and the Earth, Casarella, Peter J. , Communio, Spr, Volume 27, Number 1, p.98-123, (2000)
Introduction to the 2000 Edition, Casarella, Peter J. , Scripture in the Tradition, New York, NY, p.xi-xxii, (2000)
The Holy Spirit as Communio: Concerning the Relationship of Pneumatology and Spirituality in Augustine, Casarella, Peter J. , Communio, Sum, Volume 25, p.324-339, (1998)
The Painted Word, Casarella, Peter J. , Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, N, Volume 6, Number 2, p.18-42, (1998)
On Frederick Bauerschmidt's "Theo-Drama and Political Theology", Casarella, Peter J. , Communio, Fall, Volume 25, p.553-557, (1998)
'Modern Forms Filled with Traditional Spiritual Content': on Louis Dupré's contribution to Christian theology, Casarella, Peter J. , Christian Spirituality and the Culture of Modernity, Grand Rapids, MI, p.275-310, (1998)

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