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Those Who Go on a Sacred Journey: the shapes and diversity of pilgrimages, Carrasco, Davíd , Pilgrimage, Volume 4, London & New York, p.13-24, (1996)
The World of Moctezuma: Aztec myths of creation/destruction, Carrasco, Davíd , John R. Adams lecture in humanities, Volume 1, San Diego, CA, p.26 p., (1994)
To Change Place: Aztec ceremonial landscapes, Carrasco, Davíd , Niwot, CO, p.xxvi, 254 p., (1991)
The Sacrifice of Tezcatlipoca: to change place, Carrasco, Davíd , To Change Place: Aztec ceremonial landscapes, Niwot, CO, p.31-57, (1991)
The Imagination of Matter: Religion and Ecology in Mesoamerican Tradition, Carrasco, Davíd , Oxford, p.v, 224, (1989)
The Great Temple of Tenochtitlan: center and periphery in the Aztec world, Broda, Johanna; Carrasco, Davíd; Matos Moctezuma, Eduardo , Berkeley, CA, p.xiv, 184 p., [16] p. of plates, (1988)
Toward the Splendid City: the study of Mesoamerican religions, Carrasco, Davíd , Religious Studies Review, O, Volume 14, p.289-302, (1988)
Templo Mayor: the Aztec vision of place, Carrasco, Davíd , Religion, Jl, Volume 11, p.275-297, (1981) Abstract
Uttered from the Heart: Guilty Rhetoric Among the Aztecs, Carrasco, Davíd , History of Religions, Ag, Volume 39, Number 1, p.1-31, (1999)
Violent Stones and the Great Aztec Temple: the imagination of matter in the city of sacrifice, Carrasco, Davíd , Religious Texts and Material Contexts , Lanham, MD, p.275-293, (2001)
When Strangers Come to Town: millennial discourse, comparison, and the return of Quetzalcoatl, Carrasco, Davíd , Encuentros, no. 16, June 1996., Washington, D.C., p.18 p., (1996)
Waiting for the Dawn: Mircea Eliade in perspective, Carrasco, Davíd; Law, Jane Marie , Niwot, CO, p.xx, 173 p., (1991)
Waiting for the Dawn: Mircea Eliade in perspective, Carrasco, Davíd; Swanberg, Jane-Marie , Boulder, CO, p.xii, 139, (1985)

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